The philosophy at Labs Forever is to provide quality puppies/dogs to new owners by watching genetics, pedigree backgrounds and temperaments. From birth, the puppies weights are monitored carefully to assure the puppies are developing properly. High quality dogs are smart, loving, friendly yet protective as well.  I, William Gilliken, have been breeding Labrador Retrievers for 20 years and take pride in providing quality family pets to new owners.  As a breeder, I feel it is my fiduciary responsibility to provide an easy transition from my house to the new owners home.  Socialization of the puppies starts from the day they are born to the day you pick up your puppy.  Each puppy is held everyday, talked to when given hugs and kisses.  All of my dogs are part of my family and live with me in my house.  The puppies are also born and raised in my home.  They are exposed to people and my adult dogs daily as part of a ongoing process of socializing them.

We provide exceptional care with lots of love for your four-legged family members while they are with us.  We take great pride in providing healthy puppies to the new owners.  As a responsible breeder we believe it is important to make the transition as easy as possible for the new owners and more important for the puppy.  Part of that process is socializing the puppy with people so that your puppy is comfortable and confident.  

At present, I have deposits for five puppies with several people undecided.  If you’re serious about purchasing a puppy, please call (231) 830-7000 (calling is the best way to contact me).  Labs are the only dog I have ever owned.  My love for the bred is why I breed labs and I love seeing people pick up their puppy and the happiness that comes with their new family member!